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ISO 9001:2008 Certified
CRISIL Rating “BB”

Monalisa has a clear commitment to treating clients, candidates and colleagues in a professional, honest and ethical manner at all times.

Building Management
  • Building management Systems for Malls all over India.

    Annual Maintenance
  • Annual Maintenance of PLC / SCADA based Systems.

  • Project Consultancy for Nelco Manufacturing of electronic assembly.

  • Contract Staffing
  • Recruitments

  • Corporate

    As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility, the Company has engaged 20 workers out of which 15 are physically challenged. The Company supplies goods to ISO 9000 Organizations with requisite quality and delivery on time. The deficiency in the workers is either in speech & hearing or in legs. The Company Supervisor studies the nature and skill of each candidate and according to their talent, skill is developed in each candidate.

    Mr. Patankar undertook this responsibility in the year 1991. A mother of a hearing impaired boy came to the office to ask Mr. Patankar to give her son a job. She wanted him to be given any kind of job, just keep him busy. As the only thing he did was eat and play and hence the parents were concerned about his future, once they were not around to look after him.  So Mr. Patankar gave him a  job of cleaning the office and factory premises. He did his job efficiently. In his spare time, he watched the other workers doing assembly jobs. When he was given an assembly job in course of time, he did that too very well, much to everybody’s surprise.

    Then slowly the company started employing physically handicapped candidates and they performed very well giving 100% perfect accurate output.

    One of the principal clients for the assembly jobs was Larsen & Toubro Ltd. When they came to know that the assemblies are being manufactured by these handicapped candidates,  they were alarmed. It seems in the past, they had tried to get work done from institutions of handicapped persons, and they had failed as they did not get proper quality production. The quality was not up to standard and they did not deliver on time. The Manager immediately contacted their Quality Control Department. The QC department told him that the production was 100% accurate and deliveries were on time. This relieved the tension of the concerned Manager and they appreciated Mr. Patankar’s effort.

    The Company has achieved a couple of awards while involved in Social activities like :

    Engagement of physically challenged candidates, training them to work on skilled jobs of electronic assemblies with 100% accuracy of work.

    Train them to move around in different Companies to deliver finished goods / receive raw material etc.

    Helping them live on their own, without any parental support.

    To run the Organisation without receiving any Govt. subsidy or donation.

    To spread message that these physically challenged candidates many times prove better than normal workers.